Café – Bar Opening Hours

DayHours of Operation
Monday10am – 6:30pm
Tuesday10am – 6:30pm
Wednesday8am (Café Clubhouse)10am – 9:30pm (Bar)
Thursday10am – 9:30pm
Friday10am – 9:30pm
Saturday8am (Café Clubhouse)10am – 9:30pm (Bar)
Sunday8am (Café Clubhouse)10am – 8:00pm (Bar)
Please note closing times may vary due to patronage

Our Courtesy Bus is currently running on a Friday evening only from 4.30pm. For pickup bookings please call (02) 4945 4348

DayHours of Operation
Monday – Lunch Only11am – 2pm
Tuesday – Lunch Only 11am – 2:30pm
Wednesday – Lunch11am – 2:30pm
Wednesday – Dinner5pm – 8pm
Thursday – Lunch11am – 2:30pm
Thursday – Dinner5pm – 8pm
Friday – Lunch11am – 2:30pm
Friday – Dinner5pm – 8pm
Saturday – Lunch11am – 2:30pm
Saturday – Dinner5pm – 8pm
Sunday – Lunch Only11am – 2:30pm

The Clubhouse and Course are licensed premises.

Bringing alcohol on the premises is forbidden
Golfers wishing to take drinks onto the course are able to do so but these must be purchased at the bar

Wednesday night “TRIVIA” – 7pm

Friday Night “Mega Meat Raffle” – Tickets on sale at 6pm and Raffle starts at 6:30pm.

Our “Members Lucky Number Draw” is drawn at 7:30pm. (Starts at $100 & if not claimed, jackpots by $100 each week up to $1,000 when it must be won)